Meet the Broom Makers


Janelle Higdon

Master Broom-Maker

Janelle is our primary broom-maker and master of the broomshop. She spends the day hammer-in-hand, fulfilling orders and experimenting with new designs. Janelle has extraordinary organization skills that are constantly tested by Poppy, the broomshop kitten.

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Anne Hopkinsonanne

Weaver; Marketing & Sales

Anne has always had an affinity for traditional crafts. Hailing from rural Vermont, her grandmother taught her to knit at age seven, and she went on to study crafts at the University of St. Andrews. In her other life, Anne is a social worker with children and adolescents. She believes strongly in the importance of connection with craft traditions.

Email Anne with questions about sales and marketing

edEd Harris

Stitcher; Webmaster

Ed is our web designer, alongside stitching and weaving brooms. He enjoys combining high-tech and hands-on activities, and enjoys balancing the traditional with the modern world. Ed has a Ph.D. in Geography, where he focused on the importance of building local economies.

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